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Summary of international crypto controls

by Bert-Jaap Koops

companion to Crypto Law Survey, version 27.0, February 2013

This is a graphic summary of the pertaining cryptography laws and regulations worldwide as outlined in the most recent version of my Crypto Law Survey. It shows the import controls, export controls, and domestic controls, according to the information available to me. Consult the corresponding entry in the Crypto Law Survey for the contents of the pertaining regulation in a particular country.

Note: The maps may not be well readable in this format, but you can use the "view image" function of your browser (click the right button of your mouse) to see each image in its correct dimensions. Or use Simon Hunt's Google map of crypto and encryption law.


This survey of cryptography laws is based on several reports, information from the Internet and personal communications. I have not consulted all original texts of relevant regulations; in many cases, I have relied on the sources listed. These findings, therefore, do not pretend to be exhaustive or legally reliable.

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Summary of crypto import controls

Summary of crypto export controls

Summary of domestic crypto controls

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